Back to the Customer – How the Salesforce World Tour in Munich Inspired Us to Create Exceptional Customer Experience

Last Wednesday we were a small part of something big. As bluplanet, we visited the Salsforce World Tour in Munich. Under the motto “Back to the Customer – Become a Customer Company”, Salesforce united the trailblazer community in Munich.

The presence of high quality keynote speakers like Maximilian Steudel, the MarTech & Digital Engagement Lead at Dr. Oetker, and Markus Jessenberger, the Head of Integration Platform Services at E.ON, added tremendous value to the event. Numerous presentations, along with captivating live demos, covered a range of topics, including strategies to surpass customer expectations, cost reduction techniques, and effective methods for fostering growth within your organization. These engaging sessions not only served as a source of inspiration for us and the approximately 2,500 attendees but also created a wonderful platform for sharing experiences and networking opportunities.

It was an interesting experience and an incredible event to boot! At bluplanet, we are proud to be part of a community that is changing the industry landscape and making exceptional customer experience the standard.

There are exciting times ahead and we’re ready to succeed together.


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