ServiceNow brings AI to all corners of your business

ServiceNow has infused GenAI capabilities into every workflow on the Now Platform. It helps employees, customers, agents, and developers work smarter with Now Assist, the out-of-the-box GenAI experiences. Now Assist increases productivity by reducing manual work. It transforms experiences with personalization and natural human language, speeds time to value with intelligent code, and much more.

Discover the power of the Now Platform


Build, monitor, and optimize no-code automated workflows. Automate your processes across the business for next-level efficiency, and streamline workflows to reduce cost, grow productivity, and diminish repetitive tasks.

Productivity & Engagement

The Now Platform puts power in the hands of workers, agents, and managers. It automates tools for routing and prioritization to keep your teams working on the right things. Real-time insights help them answer questions and resolve issues quickly.

Consistency & Scalability

Create consistency across your business processes and scale for growth with one platform, one data model, and one architecture. The Now Platform is built on a universal, standardized set of definitions and data model, so everything works seamlessly together.

Secure by default

The Now Platform arms you with the tools and processes you need to improve your security posture. Rely on consistent, automated security controls and certified integrations. Keep your data safe with multilayer encryption. Automation also assures uninterrupted regulatory compliance.

Do more with the Now Platform

Integrations with third-party software let you extend the benefits of the Now Platform across your company. Get your workflows dialed with hundreds of certified, ready to use applications from the ServiceNow Store.


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